Our Analytics Consulting

The Data Tells a Story. Can You Follow the Plot?

What does your website’s traffic mean to your company’s bottom line? Face it – every site visitor is a potential customer. Everyone that leaves instead of becoming a customer tells a story about the effectiveness of your website. Are people leaving your site and finding the services you offer, elsewhere? Do you even know? Do you have any idea how many come to your site and leave without noticing a “call to action” on the page.

YowSeo can help analyze your traffic numbers and make sure you are getting the desired result from each site visitor. Whether you are trying to get them to add a product to their online shopping cart or hoping they will grab the phone and call your office, your website’s stats will tell the story if you have the right Web Analytics Expert evaluating those numbers and translating it into actionable steps that can greatly improve your conversions.

At YowSeo, we have the skills to bring your website a tremendous amount of traffic. However, we recognize that the traffic will do you no good if they don’t know what to do once they’re on your pages.

Does your website convey the message you want it to convey? Are your site visitors getting what they hope for when they land on your pages? The numbers don’t lie but if you don’t know what they are saying you’ll never know the potential your website can bring to your company’s balance sheet.