Local Search Marketing

Marketing for Businesses Who Need Noticed Close to Home

It just makes sense! If your business has a public physical address and a limited territory, the SEO strategy for your website needs to include optimization of your local search directory listings and location-based business directories. Many business owners overlook the benefit of proper local search listings on sites such as Yelp.com, YellowPages.com, Yahoo Local, City Search and, of course, Google Local. Most of these directories have heavy traffic and high rankings in Google and can be a great source of traffic to your own site if your listings are optimized. Plus, an optimized Google Local listing can give you a presence on page 1 of a Google search before the regular listing of your webpages get there.

YowSeo understands the value in leveraging these websites to bring attention and massive traffic to your company’s website. Do you know if your business listing on these sites are linking to your website? Do you know if it is listed under the best categories? Do you know how many of those sites are out there waiting to send traffic your way?

YowSeo has you covered. When you hire us to do your SEO, we’ll include an audit of your local search listings on nearly 50 of these high traffic websites that have 10′s of thousands of people using them to find local businesses like yours, every day. If those listings are incorrect, poorly categorized or not linking to your website, we will optimize it for you. Imagine the ROI of leveraging this to bring your site new traffic every day.

I’m not even talking about how getting links from these high profile websites can improve your ranking in Google for your most important keyword phrases. Any good SEO will not overlook the benefit that local search can bring to your business and to your bottom line. YowSeo knows! YowSeo will make this happen for your company’s website!